"Aboriginal soldiers fought proudly alongside Canadian men of many other races, fueled by a shared purpose and pride." (Taken from the Heritage Community Foundation; Elder's Voices)
The First Nations, Métis, & Inuit team is pleased to announce the creation of the First Nations, Métis & Inuit Veterans Online EduSite.  This EduSite highlights Veterans' contributions and contains suggested lesson activities, recommended literature, website and video links and information on First Nations and Métis soldiers.
  • Highlights of the accomplishments of some First Nations and Métis soldiers are highlighted in the First Nations and Métis Heroes section.  The links for the famous First Nations or Métis veteran may contain a photograph, brief summary of their a
  • ccomplishments, literature recommendations, website and/or video links for further information.  
  • The First Nations, Métis, & Inuit team collaborated with the Aboriginal Veterans Society of Alberta, and Eastglen High School - Aboriginal Studies 30 class to film the stories and experiences of Aboriginal Veterans, Oscar Lacombe, John McDonald, Leo Goulet and Grant Greyeyes, which are included in the EduSite. These stories and experiences can be viewed in the Meet Four First Nations and Métis Veterans section.
  • The Lesson Activities & Resources section contains Lesson Activity Ideas, Literature Recommendations, Website Links and Video Links.  The suggested activities, resources, and supports can be used as a tool for creating activities designed specifically to the needs of your students.  In addition, this section contains a First Nations Veterans EduSite Guide, which has been designed to enhance the Grade 7 Social Studies curriculum.  This guide contains a series of suggested activities for whole class instruction for five days.
We hope you enjoy the First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Veteran EduSite and that it enhances the learning for you and your students! 
Please check the First Nations and Métis Veterans EduSite often for continuous resources, supports and information updates!

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