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Real Estate Management Services

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About epiSphere LLC

epiSphere LLC provides real estate management services to clients engaged in renting and owning real estate property.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the objectives of home owners, real estate investors and occupants.

Our Services

For Landlords

epiSphere LLC provides landlords with programs that enhance asset value, maximize cash flow, and decrease carrying and transaction costs. We create strategic programs that capitalize on market timing, expedite leasing cycle time, and reduce downtime.

The company provides comprehensive property management services throughout the lifecycle of a real estate asset to private residential and commercial real estate investors. We protect and improve value by minimizing operating costs, improving efficiencies, and enhancing the tenant experience.

For Tenants

epiSphere LLC provides rental and consolidated utility services to tenants, who want to optimize spend on utility services, as well as streamline bill payments.

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