peer ministers

PEER MINISTERS are currently-enrolled college and university students who have been specially selected and trained as evangelists and servant leaders.  You don't need to be a Peer Minister to get involved and participate in our campus ministry programs - all are welcome.  However, if you're a full-time student, have demonstrate ministry leadership experience and seek more of it, and you're passionate and articulate about serving with others as evangelists from an Episcopal point of view, Peer Ministry might be right for you.  

As a Peer Minister, you work collaboratively with parish leaders as well as our Campus Missioner and Interns to design and lead hospitality and fellowship, worship, study, and service opportunities in your campus community. As a Peer Minister, you're also eligible to apply for tuition/fee scholarships each semester from the St. Margaret Queen of Scotland Scholarship Fund.  And, at K-State and KU, there is the opportunity to live in-residence in one of our Canterbury Houses.  If you're interested in discerning further about serving as a Peer Minister, begin by speaking with the Peer Ministers on your campus.  If there are no Peer Ministers currently serving on your campus, contact our Campus Missioner directly.  Applications are accepted in the Spring term for the following academic year.  

For the 2012-2013 academic year: Not pictured below: Rachel Haley (Baker)

KSU (2012-2013): Taylor Mather (Intern); Wyatt Iams; Naomi Cunningham, Fr. Michael; Olivia Divish, Kathryn Rush, Hannah Clayton

KU (2012-2013): Fr. Michael; Claire Howard; Caroline Howard; Tyler Kerr; Abby Olcese (Intern); Kayla Bush; Shannon McGill, Ben Allman

Emporia State (2012-2013): Andrew Leigh-Bullard; Daniel Falk; Sadie Pile; Anna Brownlee (Associate)

Episcopal Campus Ministries of Wichita (2012-2013)
pictured with many of the local supporters of the ministry...
Tristan Holmberg (Newman), 2nd from left, middle row; and Ashley Petty (Wichita State), 3rd from right, bottom row 

2011-2012 Peer Ministers (taken at Fall 2011 Peer Ministry Retreat): (top row, left to right) Ashley Petty (WSU), Claire Howard (KU), Naomi Cunningham (KSU), 
Olivia Divish (KSU), Jarrett Lockard (ESU), Tristan Holmberg (Butler), The Rev. Susan Terry (Campus Missioner), The Rev. Michael S. Bell (Campus Missioner);
(middle row, left to right) Shannon McGill (KU), Kayla Bush (KU), Hannah Clayton (KSU), Kathryn Rush (KSU), Caroline Howard (KU); (bottom, left to right)
Nic Mather (KSU Intern), Ben Allman (KU). Not pictured here: Kira Pearce (ESU), tbd (KU Intern), Laura Cook (KU), Rachel Haley (Baker), Kenzie Tubbs (KU)
Jennifer Beach (Labette - on leave), Wyatt Iams (KSU)

(taken at Spring 2011 Peer Minister Retreat)
2010-2011 Peer Ministersfrom left to right:
Nic Mather (KSU - Intern)
Joel McAlister (KU - Intern)
the Rev. Susan Terry (Campus Missioner)
Kathryn Rush (KSU)
Kira Pearce (ESU)
Jarrett Lockard (ESU)
Sarah Kidder (ESU)
Caroline Howard (KU)
The Rt. Rev. Dean Wolfe (Bishop)
Ashley Petty (WSU)
Claire Howard (KU)
Laura Cook (KU)
Hannah Clayton (KSU)
Chloe Alexander (KU)
Tristan Holmberg (Butler)
Amanda Jennings (KSU)
Joel Layton (KU)
The Rev. Michael Bell (Campus Missioner)

Peer Ministers not pictured here:
Jennifer Beach (Labette)

2010-2011 Peer Ministers
from left to right standing on the floor:
Tristan Holmberg (Butler), 
Ashley Petty (WSU), 
Kathryn Rush (KSU), 
Jarrett Lockard (ESU), 
Laura Cook (KU), 
Caroline Howard (KU), 
Claire Howard (KU), 
Jennifer Beach (Labette), 
and Nic Mather (KSU - Intern)

Peer Ministers not pictured here:
Hannah Clayton (KSU)
Amanda Jennings (KSU)
Sarah Kidder (ESU)
Kira Pearce (ESU)
Chloe Alexander (KU)
Joel Layton (KU)

(taken at Fall 2010 Campus Ministry fundraiser at Diocesan Convention)