missioner and interns

Do you know students who will be, or are, on one of the campuses in our diocese who will want to know about our campus ministry programming?  Please email us their names, contact information, and any other information that will help with introductions.

 CAMPUS MISSIONER:  a full-time, ordained leader who works with young-adults and those supporting young-adults in cultivating and sustaining our diocesan campus ministries.

The Rev. Stephanie Jenkins
Campus Missioner, 2013
(785) 766-7435

Previous Campus Missioners:
The Rev. Michael S. Bell, Campus Missioner 2010-2013
The Rev. Susan Terry, Campus Missioner 2007-2012
The Rev. Craig Loya, Campus Missioner 2007-2009 

Previous Campus Chaplains:
(still seeking historical records - please email info to the Campus Missioner)
The Rev. Matt Cobb (KSU, years?)
The Rev. David Fly (KSU, years?)
The Rev. Joe Alfred (KU, years?)
The Rev. Sam Criss (WSU, years?)

CANTERBURY CAMPUS INTERNS:  full-time, post-graduate leaders who live in-residence at our Canterbury Houses at Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) and University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS), leading teams of peer ministers in those campus communities as well as offering periodic support to other diocesan campus ministry programs.

Caroline Howard (based at KU, 2013-2014)            Taylor Mather  (based at KSU, 2012-2014)
internKU@episcopal-ks.org                                      internKSU@episcopal-ks.org

Previous Canterbury Campus Interns:
Kansas State: Nic Mather (2010-2012), Cortney Dale (2009-2010), Kiera Leigh Evans (2008-2009), The Rev. Patrick Funston (2007-2008)
Kansas University: Abby Olcese (2011-2013), Joel McAlister (2009-2011), Mary Rose Linker (2008-2009), Katie Knoll Lenon (2007-2008)