grant requests

Thanks to the generosity of many contributors at our diocesan convention fundraisers, as well as the funds set aside in our annual mission share budget from the diocese, we distributed nearly $10,000 in supplemental grants to parish-partner campus ministry programs in 2011 and nearly $7,000 in 2012. These grants help encourage and support parish-based campus ministry efforts throughout the diocese (summary of the grants is found in the table below). 
Maximum grant amounts (per site) are set each semester by the Campus Missioner based on prior grant utilization and available resources. Generally, our aim is for all campus ministry grant applications to receive some funding in a predictable and timely manner, using an appropriately transparent process, distributing funds among a broad range of campus ministry programs to both help start-up new and novel programs as well as offer supplement support to successful existing programs as funding is available.  Grant requests submitted to the Campus Missioner are reviewed each semester (in December and in April) by members of the Campus Ministry Council.
The grant application process begins with the submission of a draft proposal (application forms are found on the 'forms & resources' page) to the Campus Missioner.  The Campus Missioner can help you finalize your application as well as help steward your application through the review process toward a timely answer.  Generally, applications are received and reviewed twice a year.  Applications are reviewed/revised/approved within a few weeks after their due dates (due by April 1 for fall semester grants and by Dec 1 for spring semester grants) with expectation that checks will be in the mail to approved applicants within two months of the application due date.   E.g,. If an application submitted by April 1 is approved, the requesting parish should receive a check by June 1. 
After having received a campus ministry grant, you will be asked to submit a post-program report describing the impact of your efforts and digital pictures that can be used in promotion of our diocesan campus ministries.
Below is a list of applications received and the status of each (you can sort the list by selecting criteria in any of the columns):

CMEC-KS Campus Ministry grant request status