campus ministry council

[as of January 2013] The Campus Ministry Council (CMC) is evolving from what was the Bishop's Higher Education Committee (a smaller group) with the aim of even more effectively representing the interests of the entire variety of our diocesan-wide campus ministries in helping develop, coordinate, and support/sustain them all.   The diocesan bishop appoints a chairperson for the CMC as well as invites a liaison from the diocesan Council of Trustees to work with the CMC and collaborate with the Campus Missioner in advising the bishop regarding campus ministry matters.  Membership on the Campus Ministry Council will be determined by the diocesan convocations.  A visual-aid to help understand the relationship of the CMC with campus ministry stakeholders and other diocesan groups can be downloaded from a link at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in being involved, please speak with the President and Dean of your local convocation or contact one of the CMC members listed below. 

Mr. Scott Howard, Chair (St. Peter’s, Pittsburg)

The Rev. Stephanie Jenkins, Campus Missioner (diocesan staff)

The Rev. Laurie Lewis, Council of Trustee liaison (St. Thomas, Overland Park)

Northwest Convocation

Taylor Mather (Campus Ministry Intern)

Sue McKinney (St. Andrew’s, Emporia)

Michael Funston (fomer interim diocesan Youth Missioner)

The Rev. Patrick Funston (Rector, St. Paul's, Manhattan)

Michael Massey (Grace Cathedral,Topeka)

The Rev. Art Rathbun (priest at-large to help with start-up)

Northeast Convocation

Caroline Howard (Campus Ministry Intern)




Southwest Convocation

Ashley Petty (Wichita State)
Diana Hubin (Good Shepherd, Wichita)

The Rev. Deacon Jeff Roper (St. James, Wichita)

The Rev. Laurie Lewis (St. Stephen's, Wichita)

Southeast Convocation

Martha Stone (St. John’s, Parsons)

The Rev. Deacon Oliver Bunker (Grace, Chanute)

The Rev. Sharon Billman (St. John’s, Parsons)



Governance and structure:         S.Howard, A.Rathbun, L.Lewis, M.Bell

Communications & Publicity: S.Howard, P.Funston, A.Olcese, O.Bunker, S.Billman, J.Roper, A.Petty, D.Hubin

Education & Formation: S.McKinney, C.Howard, A.Olcese

Community Colleges:         S.Billman, O.Bunker

Bridging Youth to Young-Adult: M.Stone, M.Funston, T.Mather

Development / fund-raising:         P.Funston, C.Howard, T.Mather
Michael Bell,
Oct 22, 2012, 9:27 AM