Definitions & Checklists

Definition of Processing: "Ability to interpret or attach meaning to auditorily received information to then formulate an expressive response" (Richard, 2001).
Auditory Processing: Acoustic signal (sound identification) must be processed before being influenced by higher order knowledge.

Language Processing: Uses the language information in the mind of listener, not the auditory signal.

Illinois Learning Standards
State Goal 4: Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.

Checklist for Processing Difficulties:

Central Auditory Processing   
__Normal pure-tone hearing
__Difficulty following oral directions'; similar inconsistent responses
__Short auditory attention span; fatigues easily
__Poor short/long term memory
__Daydreams, appears not to listen
__Difficulty hearing with background noise
__Difficulty localizing sounds
__Academic and/or speech language problems
__Disruptive behaviors; impulsive, frustrated
__Requests repetition, asks "huh?"
__History of ear infections

Language Processing
__Word Retrieval Problems
__Neutral, generic language
__Misuse of words with similar phonetic structure
__Creative, original language, describes or circumlocutes
__Delayed responses
__Frequently answers "I don't know."
__Repeats or rehearses comments
__Inconsistency in learning; needs review
__Recognizes errors but can't correct them
__Incomplete sentences
__Pragmatic problems; distuptive behavior
__Age appropriate IQ and vocabulary; academic deficits, learning disables