Meet Dr. Estes

Welcome to my webpage!

My relationship with East Peoria Elementary District 86 began in 1973 when I walked through the doors of Woodrow Wilson Grade School as a Kindergarten student.  Since that time, District 86 has played a significant role in who I am as an individual and as a professional.  I attended Woodrow Wilson through the sixth grade, went on to Central Junior High School for seventh and eighth grade, and graduated from East Peoria Community High School. 

I grad
uated from Bradley University in 1991 with a bachelors degree in elementary education.  My graduation from college brought me back to District 86 where I taught third grade at Woodrow
Wilson School and eighth grade history and reading at Central Junior High School over the next nine years.  After completing my masters degree in educational administration at Illinois State University in 2000, I became the principal of Glendale School for the next decade until the Board of Education hired me in 2010 as the district's associate superintendent.  In May of 2012 I completed my Ed. Specialist degree at Eastern Illinois University and earned superintendent certification, and I completed my Doctorate in Education at Aurora University in the spring of 2016.

My primary role in District 86 is to support the work of the Superintendent.  While involved in most initiatives in the district, my main responsibilities center around curriculum, instructional practices, professional d
evelopment, human resources, assessment, and communications.  I have served as the district's Title I Director since 2003 and recently began working with the Title II grant as well.  The privilege to speak in front of audiences of educators often comes my way, and my presentations are focused on topics such as performance tasks, visual literacy, primary source materials and text complexity, learning standards, writing, and oth
er important subjects associated with teaching and learning.  I also serve as an adjunct professor for Aurora University teaching graduate-level classes.  Currently, I serve on the advisory board for the Tazewell Children's Advocacy Center which works to protect and support children who have experienced violence and abuse.  I am also a regional representative for IL ASCD (Illinois Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) as well as a member of the Clinical Committee Advisory Board for Bradley University's Department of Teacher Education. I hold membership in ASCD (the national organization associated with IL ASCD) as well as the Illinois Association of School Administrators and the Illinois Association of Title I Directors . 

My wife, Dan
ielle, and I met while both working in District 86, and we are blessed with a wonderful home and four beautiful children ages ten through three.  We are very close to our immediate and extended family with whom we spend a great deal of time.  With a serious hunger for history, I tr
avel annually with my history-teacher brother-
in-law and a couple of my closest friends on an annual "History Nerd Trip," visiting historical and governmental sites across the country.  Reading about history is a favorite pastime, and my personal library is extensive.  Also, I currently teach the Encouragers Sunday School class in my church which is made up entirely of some of the most wonderful senior ladies you will ever meet.  Growing up in a family who listened to and played classic country and bluegrass, I play several instruments and enjoy sitting with family and friends "trading songs."  My children have now picked up that tradition and are starting down the road of music lessons along with various
other academic and sports activities. 
My family are Disney fans, and we try to travel to Walt Disney World or Disneyland whenever we can.

East Peoria Elementary District 86 is truly a wonderful place to work and serve, and I
have been blessed to enjoy very positive relationships with students, staff, and families.  Our teaching staff is terrific, and we are so fortunate in the East Peoria community to have our kids sitting with these learned individuals.  It is my hope that the children in District 86 today receive the same quality of educational excellence that I received as a student in this district.   It is a privilege to serve here!