Mission Statement

Within our place-based teacher education program, The Eastern Oregon University College of Education prepares teachers to be resourceful, flexible, persevering, reflective, analytical of student needs, and cultural mediators between their own communities and the wider world.



Welcome to the Eastern Oregon University, College of Education Accreditation website.  The purpose of this site is to provide faculty members and administration as well as accrediting agencies and the public access to the source information and data that provides evidence to the effectiveness of teacher education at Eastern Oregon University.

The website is a fully accessible Google-based engine with some source materials residing as Google documents and others distributed at other sites within the University. This site will provide the organization and navigation for all purposes related to accreditation required by Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices.

The website is divided into four major areas--one, a listing of all possible source documents as alpha list, second, a series of reports designed to support the accreditation review, third, the various rules and requirements provided by Teacher Standards and Practices, and finally, College memoranda and internal communications related to accreditation.  All green highlighted text are links to sub pages on this website.  Use the top navigation bars to explore the site or the outline provided below.

Allow us to introduce Eastern Oregon University Teacher Education with this brief  overview:

An alphabetical listing of all source documents necessary for accreditation.

Clicking here will give a list of all University information salient to the College of Education by title.

These are source documents found in a variety of places throughout the University.

On this page find the documents that guide the College to report OARs, standards, program reports and that prepare the College for the site visit.


DIVISION 17 Compliance

In this report, the College gives evidence and narrative concerning compliance to all OAR requirements of Division 17.

DRAFT. For EOU College of Education Only. Release Date March 1, 2013

  In this matrix, the reader will find evidence that the programs follow the national INTASC standards for teaching.  The report gives the INTASC standards on the vertical axis and the place where the standards is taught in the program.
DRAFT. For EOU College of Education Only. Release Date March 1, 2013


This page will navigate the reader to each of five program reports: The MAT ECE/ELEM, MAT MID/SEC, CUESTE, ESOL, Reading, and Special Education are required.
Release Date: January 1, 2013


This page walks the reader through responses to the standards rubrics by offering short narrative explanations and evidences to justify each description in the rubric.
DRAFT. For EOU College of Education Only. Release Date March 1, 2013