Charge: The Eastern Promise Language Arts PLC has been charged to continue the credit-by-proficiency pathway for Writing 121 credit begun in the 2012-13 academic year. The PLC has developed a set of outcomes and implemented an electronic portfolio process for assessment. 

Upcoming Events:

  • Oct. 2 meeting in La Grande
  • January online norming
  • April 8 meeting in Pendleton? 


  1. Read/think critically: make inferences, acknowledge multiple perspectives, recognize bias
  2. Present clear and focused ideas/content, including evidence, analysis, and synthesis
  3. Organize ideas/content effectively
  4. Employ appropriate voice in addressing the audience, honoring multiple perspectives and paying attention to rhetorical concerns associated with purpose and context
  5. Proofread for Standard Written English, including conventions, sentence fluency and word choice
  6. Integrate credible sources ethically
  7. Employ writing processes including planning, revising, editing, and reflection 

Portfolio Contents:

  • Research paper final draft: 5- to 8-pages, .doc or .rtf, not .pdf,  and incorporating and citing a minimum of five credible sources, one of which is a scholarly journal article
  • Research paper rough draft: with teacher annotations, .pdf OK
  • Reflective essay: thesis-driven and effectively structured, addresses learning in WR 121, and analyzes specific details from papers written as part of WR 121, .doc or .rtf, not .pdf
  • Timed writing: selected from several samples administered in class during the term, includes prompt in response to brief reading, thesis-driven with paragraphs, .pdf OK
  • A consent form. 

PLC Members: Beth Anderson, Hermiston High School; Norma Barber, Ukiah High School; Ashley Bension, Blue Mountain Community College; Gregg Berlie, Blue Mountain Community College; Natalie Bingham, North Powder High School; Melissa Bonano, Imbler High School; Aaron Byers, Irrigon High School; Jeannie Collins, Heppner High School; Melissa Duffy, Huntington High School; Mary Green, Nixyaawii Community School; Lauren Hernandez, Sherman High School; Tom Joseph, Bakter High School; Tim Kahl, Helix High School; Andy Kane, Scappoose High School; Ericka Keefauver, Hermiston High School; Nancy Knowles, Eastern Oregon University; John Larson, Hermiston High School; Debbie Laws, Arlington High School; Eric Lynn, McLoughlin High School; Lea Matthieu, Ione High School; Elizabeth McIntyre, Weston-McEwen High School; Kristy Moore, La Grande High School; Kat Podlesnik, Hermiston High School; Jennifer Riley, McLoughlin High School; Mike Rowley, Enterprise High School; Daniel Sharp, Stanfield High School; Elizabeth Shelley, Grant Union High School; Gann Thomas, Riverside High School; Mary Thouvenel, Pendleton High School; Alison Timmons, Blue Mountain Community College; David Westenskow, Elgin High School; Chris Whitaker, Pilot Rock High School; Karen Spears Zacharias, Umatilla High School