2019 Benefits


At EOI, our vision is to inspire our employer clients and their employees to secure the quality of life for themselves and future generations. Our core values are people, integrity, and excellence.
People are the basis of our business. Without our clients, EOI has no reason to exist. Without our own team members, EOI has nothing to offer. EOI values all people associated with our organization.
Integrity is essential in all lasting relationships, both professional and personal. EOI builds credibility by meeting expectations and keeping promises. We build trust and value by treating people honestly and fairly.
Excellence is a pursuit that values both people and integrity. Excellence in performance serves our clients and our own team members best. Excellence enables EOI to stay true to our own ideals and goals.
As an EOI team member, we value your contributions to our organization and your dedication to our vision and core values.

Benefit Overview

At EOI, we strive to offer a benefits package that helps our team members protect their lifestyle, financial security, and quality of life. Since benefits are an important part of your overall compensation package, we encourage you to evaluate and select benefits that best suit your personal healthcare needs. This benefit guide highlights the many benefit options available to you and explains how to enroll in your benefits.


The benefits outlined in this guide are available for full-time employees on the first day of the month following the completion of 60 days of employment, unless otherwise stated. For example, an employee hired on April 4 would be eligible for benefits on July 1. When you first become eligible, or during the open enrollment period, you are able to select insurance for yourself and your dependents.
Employees who have a domestic partner shall be provided services and benefits on the same basis provided to legal spouses unless restricted by law. Subject to the eligibility provisions of the benefits plans, an employee has the opportunity to cover a same-sex or opposite-sex domestic partner under his or her benefit plan under the same terms and with the same privileges and restrictions that apply to other eligible dependents for these plans and to the extent permissible under federal and state law.

Your Benefit Choices

EOI Service Company provides a wide variety of benefits. The employee contribution for employee-only medical insurance is $140 per month; all other primary benefits are provided automatically and are paid for by EOI. Other benefits are available if you choose them.

Making Careful Choices

The annual enrollment period is the only time you can change most benefit plans or add/drop dependents during a plan year, unless you have a qualified family status change. Such changes include birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, ineligibility of a dependent, unpaid leave of absence by you or your spouse, or a significant change in health coverage for you or your spouse because of your spouse’s employment, so please choose your benefits carefully. If you experience a qualifying event, you must notify Human Resources within 31 days to change your benefit elections.

How to Enroll in Your Benefits

You can enroll yourself in benefits through Selerix self-service, located at:
Directions for enrolling can be found here: