Your eyes are the window to your health and should not be taken for granted. Sign up for the vision plan for eye exam, glasses and contact lens benefits. 

Note, this plan does have enhanced benefits when you see an EyeMed vision provider. Click on the link here to find an EyeMed vision provider near you:


Click here to see your Vision Plan Summary 

 **Vision ID cards will be issued, however in interim, providers can verify coverage by contacting Eyemed providing your name and date of birth.**

   To apply for Vision insurance, call the EOI Benefit Service Center at 1-888-723-8980 

   Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time.




Important: This program allows employees to deduct premiums from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis. This will reduce your taxable income and help you save on FICA, federal, state, and local taxes. The pre-tax deductions apply to all coverages. By enrolling in these coverages you must maintain your coverage for the entire plan year unless you have a qualifying event: marriage, divorce, birth of child, death of dependent, etc. 

Summary Plan Descriptions govern the benefit plans. Any information outlined on this website or any documents found on this site are for informational purposes and will not govern the plan.