Internship Program

Community Energy Consultant ("CEC") Internship Program

Program Overview

The first phase of this 12-week program is an intensive 30-Hour Training Boot Camp covering broader issues related to sustainability, green business and the New York City energy landscape, as well as the technical aspects building performance and energy auditing. It will act as a crash course to prepare the interns to go out into the field and begin to engage businesses. 

Upon successful completion of Boot Camp, the CECs will organized in small teams of five and assigned to a geographically specific zone within the target neighborhood. Each team will have two team mentors--young professionals with experience in relevant fields--to help advise and coordinate the group. The teams will be responsible for reaching out to small storefront businesses in their respective zones to make them aware of the many energy incentive programs and low-cost energy solutions available to them. 

CECs also offer the small business to perform a free walk-through energy audit, or schedule a professional energy audit, in order to evaluate their energy consumption, costs and related green house gas (GHG) emissions. Once a business is engaged, CECs will become their green account managers, responsible for helping them apply for incentive programs, implement recommendations, procure green products and services, and market their green efforts to the public. Participating interns will gain invaluable, real world, hands-on job training and establish concrete energy auditing and project management skills. 

The program will consist of the following components:

The program is structured as a competition among the teams and individual interns to see who can audit the most businesses and reduce the greatest
 amount of energy consumption and GHG emissions. Small businesses will compete against each other to be the most energy and carbon efficient, as well as realize the largest energy and GHG reductions. 

Interns will be expected to: 

  • Participate in intensive 40-Hour energy auditing training Bootcamp 
  • Commit to 10 - 15 hours per week for 10 weeks, including:  Attending weekly 3 hour classes and 1 hour team meetings
  • Collect data on assigned zone to identify small businesses with most potential for energy efficiency upgrades 
  • Conduct targeted marketing & outreach to business owners to sign them up for our free energy efficiency assistance service program
  • Coordinate with business owner to schedule a energy survey and follow-up meeting 
  • Complete at least 1 mentored and 4 independent small business energy audits 
  • Work in a team to create a Zone Energy Efficiency Needs Assessment Report 
  • Assist businesses identify Energy Conservation Measures and incentives through NYSERDA, NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and ConEdison