Constituents of Concern

This section is the knowledge base for chemical constituent regulatory guidance information.  It is designed as a broad reference for all physical media (air, water, soil, and waste) and all applications.  It provides a fast and easy reference for regulatory guidance specific to a chemical constituent.  Therefore not all references listed under a constituent are applicable to any given application or location.   Users should reference the site tab most applicable to their needs for application specific technical references. 

For example lead based paint requirements are included in the COC Lead  tab, but the bulk of the guidance on lead based paint regulatory requirements would be in Lead Paint Management tab under real estate management.   Disposal of lead based materials would be covered in the Waste Stream section of this resource etc.

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Chemical Abstract Number (CAS): CAS System
National Waste Minimization Program focus on reducing 31 Priority Chemicals (PCs):  EPA Priority Chemicals

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