Waste Management Policy (Sample)

Sample Waste Management Corporate Policy

Our company understands the importance of waste management and its effect on the environment.  We are committed to minimizing waste production by employing Reduction, Re-use, and Recycling techniques at every stage of our operation.  We are committed to ensuring that all operations and activities are fully compliant with all current waste management legislation.


  1. To minimize waste production throughout the Group
  2. To operate within full compliance of Environmental Law


  1. Identify areas of waste production throughout the Group
  2. Employ effective waste management practices to identify the most efficient methods to reduce the production of waste and to maximize the re-use or recycling of waste material.
  3. Manage the process to ensure compliance with best practice
  4. Through training and support, ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities under Environmental Law and how compliance can be achieved and maintained.