MSDSs/SDSs can be maintained by department, building area, process location, or in a master list for all products and materials used by the facility.  The folders are searchable using the Google search engine to make finding and locating an MSDS/SDS a snap.  The site has a comment field next to the MSDS for quick reference information applicable to that MSDS.  This is a great tool for TRI and other reporting requirements.  

If the product manufacturer maintains an MSDS/SDS on-line, facilities can link directly to that location via the link feature.  These 3rd party resource links save time and money.  An MSDSs/SDSs in the ENSAT EMS can be linked to other pages where this information is applicable.  Save the document or link once and access it throughout the site.  Update the document and the change is made site wide.  

EHOS has a good free tool for obtaining MSDS's from a large # of manufacturers.  EHOS claims it is the largest depository of "Free" MSDS/SDS available on the internet.  
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