Real Estate System Pricing

Setup & Monthly Pricing Plans

I Single Property Location
The setup cost for an ENSATEMS site for a single property location is $800. 

II Multiple Property Locations
Clients with multiple locations have two options when setting up the ENSATEMS system.  While both options provide coverage for all client locations, the two versions provide different levels of user access control and data presentation.  

Option 1 ; All client locations (multiple properties) are managed through one ENSATEMS site.  The setup cost is $1,495 for up to 5 client locations (separate buildings with separate requirements) managed in a single ENSATEMS site.  There is no limit to the number of client locations that can be managed through a single ENSATEMS site.  Additional client locations can be added by the client using available google tools.   A unique feature of the ENSATEMS system is the ability of our clients to make changes to the structure and look of their site.  User access is controlled at the ENSATEMS site level.    Under Option 1 users with access to the ENSATEMS site have access to all client property location site pages.    

Option 2; Each client location is managed through a unique ENSATEMS system that is specific to a client location. The setup cost for the initial ENSATEMS site is $800 for the first client property location.   Additional duplicate ENSATEMS sites for client properties 2 and up incur a setup fee of $495 each.  This format includes a unique user access (log in) Id for each client site location in addition to the overall manager user log in Id.  This option allows building owner to manage access to each property location independently.   The primary manager with environmental oversight responsibilities has easy access to all site locations.  

Pricing Details

The set up fee for each ENSATEMS Site includes: 
  • Single Location Sites; A copy of the site & 3 hrs of remote (or onsite support as determined by ENSAT) assistance setting up the system and training your staff. 
  • Multiple Site Locations Option 1; Includes 6 hrs of remote (or onsite support as determined by ENSAT) assistance setting up the system and training your staff.
  • Multiple Site Locations Option 2; includes 3 hrs of remote (or onsite support as determined by ENSAT) assistance setting up the system and training your staff.  Additional ENSATEMS sites are generally carbon copies of the base site so the modification time on these sites is assumed to be significantly less.  
Site Modifications

ENSATEMS clients have full editing capability for their site(s).  Site customization can be completed by your staff without ENSAT's involvement.    Clients do not need programming knowledge to edit the site and make changes.  Google has provided tools inherent to the Google's enterprise system that are very user friendly.  Google has a full online help manual for their enterprise system.  

As always, ENSAT will make client requested modifications on a case by case basis using a fee for service arrangement similar to any other service we offer.  

Our EMS product is very cost efficient and the most customizable environmental management system on the market.