Our Team

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ENSAT's team is anchored by experienced personnel that have developed solutions for a variety of project and industry specific environmental and safety concerns. Solving compliance challenges requires educated and experienced personnel equipped with the professional tools, attitude, and experiences to identify key concerns and resolve difficult issues. ENSAT recognizes that the right people make the difference in a service firm, and that it is what sets us apart from our competitors. 

ENSAT's team is comprised of both in-house staff and aligned professionals.  Our team works in a unified web based operating environment.  This allows ENSAT to integrate all our full and part time resources into a cohesive team rgardless of location.   ENSAT seeks out highly motivated professionals regardless of corporate affiliation and integrates them into a unified project team through our EMS platform.  Our clients are users on the system and become themselves a part of the team.  At ENSAT, we recognize that the value in bringing people and information together in an organized project team.  Our structure and our commitment to communication between all parties sets us apart from all others.