This section contains information pertaining to specific environmental regulations for which there is a need to demonstrate compliance. 

This web site allows the public to look up information reported on your TRI inventory and release submittals.

Future Focus
The EPA's Office of Compliance & Assurance issued the draft overview Program Manager's Guidance Document  on April 2, 2013 for external review.  The document identifies the national compliance and enforcement priorities for FY 2014, discusses national  direction for all compliance assurance programs, identifies activities to be carried out by  authorized programs, and describes how the EPA should work with states and tribes to ensure compliance with environmental laws. Individual program.  More detailed program manager's guidance documents for each program are available at here.

Whats in your backyard
Ever Wonder whats in your backyard.  The EPA Envirofacts Web Site shows all facilities filing EPA reports within the specified geographic area and the reasons they are filing (air, water, waste etc)

Dynamic Information world
The information world is changing fast and information is flowing faster and more widely than ever. ESCO Web Page on Oregon DEQ Site

Violation Reporting is getting much simpler
 Anybody can now easily report environmental violation to the EPA on via the Tips web page.