Subpart N Effluent Guidelines & Standards (CFR 40 Part 400 to 479)

Effluent Guidelines & Standards (CFR 40 Part 400 to 479)

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Category Overview40 CFR
Aluminum Forming46719831988
Asbestos Manufacturing42719741975
Battery Manufacturing46119841986
Canned and Preserved Fruits and Vegetable Processing40719741976
Canned and Preserved Seafood (Seafood Processing)¹40819741975
Carbon Black Manufacturing45819761978
Cement Manufacturing41119741974
Centralized Waste Treatment²43720002003
Coal Mining43419752002
Coil Coating46519821983
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)41219742008
Concentrated Aquatic Animal Production (Aquaculture)45120042004
Construction and Development45020092014
Copper Forming46819831985
Dairy Products Processing40519741974
Electrical and Electronic Components46919831983
Explosives Manufacturing45719761976
Ferroalloy Manufacturing42419741974
Fertilizer Manufacturing41819741974
Glass Manufacturing42619741974
Grain Mills Manufacturing40619741974
Gum and Wood Chemicals45419761976
Ink Formulating44719751975
Inorganic Chemicals41519821982
Iron and Steel Manufacturing42019742005
Leather Tanning and Finishing42519821996
Meat and Poultry Products43219742004
Metal Finishing²43319831986
Metal Molding and Casting (Foundries)46419851985
Metal Products and Machinery43820032003
Mineral Mining and Processing43619751979
Nonferrous Metals Forming and Metal Powders47119851985
Nonferrous Metals Manufacturing42119761990
Oil and Gas Extraction³43519752016
Ore Mining and Dressing (Hard Rock Mining)44019751988
Organic Chemicals, Plastics and Synthetic Fibers (OCPSF)41419871993
Paint Formulating44619751975
Paving and Roofing Materials (Tars and Asphalt)44319751975
Pesticide Chemicals45519781996
Petroleum Refining²41919741982
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing43919762003
Phosphate Manufacturing42219741974
Plastics Molding and Forming46319841984
Porcelain Enameling46619821982
Pulp, Paper and Paperboard43019742002
Rubber Manufacturing42819741974
Soap and Detergent Manufacturing41719741975
Steam Electric Power Generating42319742015³
Sugar Processing40919741984
Textile Mills41019741982
Timber Products Processing42919741981
Transportation Equipment Cleaning44220002000
Waste Combustors44420002000
¹ Amendment pending   ² Industry study
³ The 2015-16 amendments have not yet been published in the CFR. For the latest revisions, see the Federal Register notice.
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