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Hazardous materials training is required for all "hazmat employees" under the U.S. DOT hazardous materials regulations (49 CFR Part 172, Subpart H). Hazmat training is required within 90 days for new employees. Training must be repeated every three years and periodically as rules change.   There are significant civil penalties for non-compliance.

General training requirements outlined under the standard are outline below:

General awareness/familiarization: General awareness and familiarization training is intended to raise the hazmat employees' awareness of the HMR and the purpose and meaning of the hazard communication requirements. All hazmat employees must have this training.

Function-specific training: Function specific training is intended to teach the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for an individual's job function.

Safety training: This training provides information concerning the hazards posed by materials in the workplace and personal protection measures. The training may include basic emergency response procedures but is not intended to satisfy the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.120.

Security Training: Each hazmat employee must receive security awareness training. This training must include an awareness of security risks associated with hazardous materials transportation and methods designed to enhance transportation security. After March 25, 2003, hazmat employees must receive this training at their next scheduled recurrent training, but in no case later than March 24, 2006. New hazmat employees must receive this training within 90 days of employment.

In addition to the above security awareness training, hazmat employees of employers that are required to have a security plan must receive in-depth security training on the security plan and its implementation.

ENSAT's Hazmat Training Program is designed to help our clients meet the U.S. DOT initial and update training standard.  Specific DOT Hazmat ground shipper training topics covered in the course are outlined below:

  • What is a DOT hazardous material?
  • Recognizing and responding to security threats
  • Classifying hazardous materials
  • Using the 49 CFR 172.101 table and selecting shipping names
  • General packaging requirements
  • Selecting authorized packaging (non-bulk, bulk, excepted)
  • Packaging specification, filling and closing packages
  • Marking and labeling packages
  • Preparing Shipping Papers and Manifests
  • Placarding requirements
  • Loading, unloading, and segregation rules
  • Recordkeeping and training mandates
  • Reporting hazmat incidents
  • Regulatory reliefs and special permits

Who Should Attend:

Hazmat employees who must ensure compliance with the U.S. DOT hazardous materials regulations, who read and interpret hazmat rules, sign shipping papers or the EPA's hazardous waste manifests, prepare and offer materials for transport, or oversee the activities of other hazmat employees.

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