Subpart MMMM Miscellaneous Surface Coatings

CFR 40 Part 63 Subpart MMMM—National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Surface Coating of Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products

Table 3 Default Organic HAP Mass Fraction for Solvents and Solvent Blends

Facility thresholds are established in § 63.3881 Am I subject to this subpart?
Facility reporting, notification, or record keeping requirements. § 63.3910 What notifications must I submit? , § 63.3920 What reports must I submit?

Summary of Applicable Reporting Requirements
Type of Facility: Existing Facility
Effective Date of this Subpart: January 2, 2004
Initial Notification: January 2, 2005
Compliance Date: January 2, 2007
Initial Compliance Period: January 2, 2007 to January 31, 2008
Notification of Compliance Status: Feb 28, 2008
First Semi-annual Compliance Report: Feb 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008
Future Semi-annual Reports: January 30 and July 30
(b) Initial notification. For an existing affected source, you must submit the initial notification no later than 1 year after January 2, 2004.
Compliance Determination Date:(b) For an existing affected source, the compliance date is the date 3 years after January 2, 2004. The compliance date for this facility is January 2, 2007.
Notification of compliance status. You must submit the notification of compliance status required by § 63.9(h) no later than 30 calendar days following the end of the initial compliance period
Semiannual Compliance Report: The first compliance report would have been required for the period July 1, 2006 to Dec 31, 2006 and would have been due by the end of January 2007.