Eno River Academy E-Rate / Technology Purchasing

The Schools and Libraries program, also known as the E-rate program, makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries in America. Mandated by Congress in 1996 and implemented by the FCC in 1997, the E-rate provides discounted telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries, funded by the Universal Service Fund.

  • Eligible schools and libraries may receive discounts on eligible category one services (telecommunications, telecommunications services and Internet access) and category two services (internal connections, managed internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections).
  • The discounts range from 20 to 90 percent, with higher discounts for higher poverty and more rural schools and libraries. Schools and libraries are always responsible for paying at least some part of the cost of service.
(Source: https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/universal-service-program-schools-and-libraries-e-rate)

Questions about E-Rate may be directed to Ms. Bair (lbair@enoriveracademy.org) or Mr. Jewitt (sjewitt@enoriveracademy.org)

Eno River Academy Internet Access - #170052127

Eno River Academy is requesting bids for Internet Access to our 920 Corporate Dr. location for the 2017-2018 school year. Below is a list of questions received from vendors and our responses, ensuring an open and fair bidding process. 

Q: I just reviewed your 470 posting and is the Internet service location at 920 Corporate Dr. The 470 referenced an annex, just making sure that I quote the right address.

A: Yes, we are requesting Internet service at 920 Corporate Dr. Hillsborough, NC 27278.

Q: Who is your current service provider(s)?

A: We receive Internet for free from the state of North Carolina (NCREN). When we open our new High School next year, we will move our NCREN connection to that campus which is a different location than what we are requesting service for. 

Q: When are your contracts with this provider up for renewal?

A: We are not currently in a contract

Q: What is working well and what isn’t working well with your current provider?

A: It works well that we get as much bandwidth as we need for no cost. As our enrollment increased so did our allocated bandwidth. The service is largely managed by the state of North Carolina and there is very little we need to do to manage the connectivity. We are also given a firewall and content filtering for no charge. 

Q: What is the address of the Elementary School Annex that would be receiving these services?

A: The address of our Elementary School Annex is 920 Corporate Dr. Hillsborough, NC 27278

Q: I got a kickback when I originally sent this to erate2017@enoriveracademy.org.

A: I had the privileges incorrectly set on the erate2017@enoriveracademy account, but they should be working now. Thanks for letting me know and I apologize for any confusion!

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