Student Projects

We love to show off our students work!
 You might not know by looking at first glance, but that is Brian Gutierrez underneath the cast!
Iron Man Mask Project, Fall 2013

Iron Man Mask Casting

A promotional video for our old STEM Lab created by  
Paige McDowell in the Spring of 2012 

STEM Promo

A Mashup created by Keenan Cowger using Sony Vegas
Fall 2013
A music production by Ricardo Rivera
Fall 2013

Omega Blue by RJ Rivera

A video production by Paige McDowell, Ian Pederson, Ethan Mounts, Kayla Steffens, Justin Willson, and Trevor Willson                          
in support of their Mobile app created for the Sphero robot.

Kick it!

A video production by Kitty Langley to showcase our bridge building competition 
Students had to build a bridge with a span of 100 cm and program a robot to cross it
Spring 2013  (Music Credit to The Cure)

"Battlebots" using Lego NXT
Tristan Uncapher and Ethan Urbalejo  Spring 2013

Solving a Rubiks Cube with Lego NXT

Mason Stepanich and TJ Kline  Fall 2012

YouTube Video

Build a bridge to support at least 4000 grams!

Tristan Uncapher Spring 2013

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