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Grants and Donations

We would like to sincerely thank the following organizations, foundations, and individuals for helping support our STEM students as they explore the pathways to a STEM Career

February 2014
Penton Media & New Hope Natural Media 
Mr. Tyler Hagan

Donated 17 computers to our STEM program to enable students to study computer science and computer networking


January 2014
The Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation 
Ms. Tracy Bame

Provided a $1,000 grant for our STEM program to fund the Near-Peer STEM Outreach: High School Students Changing the Future of Elementary STEM Project


February 2014
Colorado Department of Education
Ms. Beverly Andes & Dr. Violeta Garcia

Provided a $3,000 grant for our STEM program to help develop a STEM unit of study that will incorporate Science, English, History, Geography, STEM, and Research for students from Elementary through College age.  Teachers and professors from Clayton Elementary, Englewood Middle School, Englewood High School, and Arapahoe Community College will work together to create a project based learning unit to study the South Platte River and its influence on the community of Englewood.


The National Renewable Energy Lab 
Dr. Keith Emery

Provided a $1,000 grant for our STEM program to help fund two teams of students who will
compete in the IEEE High School Photovoltaic Competition at the Denver Convention Center in June 2014.