School of Art and Technology

Robots and Programing Oh My...

Exploring with robots

Clayton science club members had the chance to explore with lego robots and programing using scratch. Students programmed their robots to move, talk, chomp, and spin.  Students also programmed a "sprite" using scratch, to dance, flip, move, and make sounds.  Stay tuned to see what amazing things we will explore next week. 

Math Night

Students from Clayton Elementary explored STEM concepts by following illustrated directions to build a catapult from k'nex pieces.  They then made a prediction of how far their marshmallow would fly, and launched their marshmallows.  They also explored measurement, by measuring and recording how far the marshmallow traveled.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video


We are excited to present the 1st ever Science Club at Clayton Elementary.

Graduate students from the Colorado School of Mines will be offering a 6-week long Science Club that will meet every Tuesday from 3:00-3:45 in Mrs. Gasser’s room (12).


What is the science club?-  A club for 4-6th grade students to explore science through engineering and chemistry.  Students will work with actual scientist on engineering concepts that go beyond the classroom.

Who can join the science club? The first 15 students from 4th-6th grade that return their permission slips will secure a spot in the club for the first six weeks.  

What happens if I am not one of the first 15 students?  We will be offering two more 6-week Science Club sessions, the second one in January, for those students who are not able to get into the first session. You will be on a waiting list and when the dates are set for the next session, we will let you know. January dates will be set shortly. 

When will the science club meet?  The first Science Club meeting will be on Tuesday, November 12th.  We will meet every Tuesday from 3:00-3:45. The last meeting for the 1st session is Tuesday December 17th.

When do I have to have my form in? All forms must be returned to Mrs. Gasser by November 6th for those interested.

*** All students must have transportation home from school.  We will not allow students to walk home from science club and there will not be a late bus.  Any questions please see Mrs. Gasser or Ms. Woody.