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Englewood Middle School Students Finish 4th in High School Engineering Competition!!

On February 28, 2015  two pairs of Englewood Middle School students submitted bridges to the National Society of Professional Engineers Regional Bridge Building Competition held at the Bureau of Reclamation Building at the Denver Federal Center. 

The teams of Olivia Burton/Liseth Aguilar and Kaylie & Dylan Carpenter entered bridges into the high school competition. While their status as middle school students precluded their participation in the awards, the rank of their bridges was calculated at the end of the competition. 

Each bridge in the competition received an Efficiency rating based on the amount of mass it could hold divided by the mass of the bridge itself. 

Liseth and Olivias design, while not high in the efficiency rating, was applauded for it's flexibility and reached the maximum displacement measure of 25 mm without breaking.

Dylan and Kaylies innovative bridge design included mylar ribbon tensioners and placed fourth in the competition. Their bridge held over sixteen hundred times its own mass! Congratulations to both teams for being the only middle schoolers in the state to enter and for representing Englewood Middle School and the Englewood Community so admirably!

Are you ready to COMPETE?

Click the TSA Icon for more information on this February's state competition

Students at Englewood Middle School explore the principles of robotics, computer science,
and engineering as they engage in their second project cycle in the EMS STEM Lab

Here you will find everything you need to know about what we are doing to foster a learning environment where creativity, innovation, collaboration,
and critical thinking are used by students every day to ensure that they are well equipped for post-secondary education and their career of choice.

Englewood's STEM Program Receives National Attention
(Originally published in the Back to School Issue of Scholastic Administrator.  Written by Jennifer L. W. Fink)

Englewood High School Finishes First at the NREL/IEEE Photovoltaic Design Competition

Congratulations to juniors Davida Martinez and Josh Yohe! They won first place at the 40th Annual IEEE Photovioltaic Specialists Conference for the School Photovoltaics Design Competition!

Josh and Davida won the competition with their design of a solar-powered cooler that would keep food cool without ice for camping, hunting, boating, hiking and fishing!

They competed against schools from across the metro area including Lakewood High School, St. Mary's Academy, West Generation Schools and Warren Tech.

The Solar Powered Cooler


Hunting, camping, boating, hiking, and fishing are a way of life for many Coloradans.   With over 500 separate campgrounds, 13.54 million acres of national forest land, 8.3 million acres of BLM land,  and over 30 million annual visits to those public lands, Colorado is a Mecca for outdoorsman, and families looking to enjoy the outdoor life.  Many people spend multiple days in areas without power yet still have need for keeping food and drinks cool.  The most common way to do this is with a large ice chest or two and 40-60 pounds of ice.  After a day or two the ice is melting, and food is getting warm and soggy. 


A simple solution to this issue is utilizing the bountiful power of the sun.  Colorado experiences on average 255 days of sunshine, as such utilizing solar power is an excellent option for keeping food cool, as well as charging and running electrical devices.  We have designed a portable solar power station to provide 12 volt DC and 120 Volt AC power.  The station is comprised of a 50 watt polycrystalline solar panel, a 7 amp charge controller, one 12 volt 26 amp hour sealed lead acid battery, a 2000 watt power inverter, and a 12 volt receptacle.    The entire power station is contained within a portable box that is weather resistant.  This power station can constantly run a thermo-electric cooler for days on end keeping food fresh, and drinks cool without the need for refreshing ice and managing excess water that seeps into and ruins food.

We believe that this system has commercial viability as a camping product for use by individuals and families, as well as a simple solution for small scale power generation in rural areas worldwide.


Englewood Schools is a founding contributor to placeTALKS and select students will be taking active roles as beta testers as we begin to roll out the online platform.

Read a news piece from the Global Education Fund here:

placeTALKS is a tool for children to create and share their interests, passions, questions and concerns about their local neighborhoods and environments.

Developed by educators, placeTALKS is designed to enable and foster thinking about place that will result in appreciation of the interactions and interdependence of life on our planet- be it natural or created by man.

This pilot version of placeTALKS represents phase two of our journey, connecting communities in Colorado, USA with Karnataka, India. Here young children and youth can begin inquiries by creating invitations, develop and share personal or collective learning through the publishing of stories.

Finding patterns that connect phenomena to place is something we hope will excite and stimulate both children and youth into more serious experimentation and structured inquiry (which will follow in Phase 3)


Englewood Middle School Finishes Strong at the NREL Solar Car Competition

8th graders Hunter Yeager and Roger Nunez finished 17th & Chaice Soderstrom and Kameron Cox finished 23rd of 41 teams from around the state.

Great Job for our first time!!!

Hunter Yeager and Kameron Cox finish 17th

Winners for NREL's 24th Solar and Lithium Ion Car Races


Saturday, May 17, 2014


Indy-500-style checkered flags, high-tech neoprene rubber tracks, and of course, sponsor decals graced the site of today's Junior Solar Sprint and Lithium Ion Battery car competitions for Colorado's middle schoolers. Nearly 300 students on 74 teams from 21 Colorado schools converged on Dakota Ridge High School to vie for a spot in the final races using solar and lithium ion battery powered vehicles they designed and built themselves.


"We went for lightweight and aerodynamic," Ma tthew Heitmann with the team from Calhan Middle School. "I'm coming back next year for sure, it's fun."


Each year, the Energy Department's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and other local sponsors host the races to show middle-school students that science, engineering, and design can be rewarding and to encourage them toward careers in STEM -- science, technology, engineering, and math. The batteries used in the competition are supplied by the DOE and teams purchase authorized solar panels, then design and build the rest of their cars themselves. Solar and lithium ion battery power are highlighted at the competition since they are important research focuses for NREL and DOE.


Trophies for the fastest solar powered model cars were given to students from Calhan Middle School (Calhan), "Green Team" first place; Bell Middle School (Golden), "Team Bell 3," second place; and Sabin Middle School (Colorado Springs), "SRD," third place.


Three solar design trophies based on technology, craftsmanship and innovation were given to teams Woodlands Academy (Castle Rock), "Ring Ding the Fox," first place; Deer Creek Middle School (Littleton), "The Car," second place; Bell Middle School, "Team Bell 3," third place.


Trophies for the fastest lithium-ion powered model cars were given to Colorado students from William Roberts E-8 (Denver), "The Dinos," first place; Lincoln Academy Middle School (Arvada), "Epic with Brains," second place; and D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School (Denver), "D'Evelyn Team 2," third place.


Three lithium-ion design trophies based on technology, craftsmanship and innovation were given to teams from The Manning School (Jeffco), "Manning Battery 2," first place; Woodlands Academy, "The Antmobile," second place; and D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High School, "D'Evelyn Team 1," third place.


The "Emmie the Swan" team from Woodlands Academy was awarded t he Spirit Award for exhibiting good sportsmanship, including fairness and respectful behavior.


The annual competition is sponsored by NREL, DOE's Office of Science, the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, Jefferson County Schools, Dakota Ridge High School, and the DOE Golden Service Center. Phil Long Ford of Denver, Whole Foods Market, Sam's Club and Mahnke Auto Body supported the event by providing lunches and trophies for the winning teams.