Advisory Committee

The Englewood School District's Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) advisory committee is comprised of individuals with experience and expertise in the occupational field(s) that the program serves who advise the district on the design, development, implementation, evaluation, maintenance, and revision of our STEM Program.

STEM advisory committee meetings are primarily intended to provide the members an opportunity to interact with program personnel, evaluate the program’s learning environment, and assess the progress of the program’s goals and initiatives.

In addition to fulfilling a state requirement in Colorado, advisory committees help to:

  •        Allow the community to be linked to the educational system via business, industry, and education representatives that add expertise and resources to the                 STEM program;
  •       Guide, strengthen, and improve our STEM program;
  •       Promote communication among education, business, and industry regarding employment needs of the community;
  •       Identify new and emerging fields (both local and global) and modify existing programs;
  •       Strengthen programs by providing student competency lists and reviewing curriculum;
  •       Ensure that each career pathway academic ladder matches the corresponding industry career ladder and promote career pathways within the                                   community;
  •       Review student outcomes (completion rates, placement rates, and state licensing examination outcomes);
  •       Ensure that programs are relevant and up-to-date by assessing the equipment and facilities available and make recommendations as needed;
  •       Provide work-based learning experiences for learners;
  •       Provide training opportunities for educators;
  •       Advocate programs to communities and legislators and seek legislative support for career pathways if needed;
  •       Assist with placement of program students; and
  •       Leverage community resources (equipment, facilities, materials, and broker community partnerships).








                         Advisory Committee Members:   

                                          Bill Gilmore (Committee Facilitator)

                                          District STEM Coordinator

                                          Englewood High School


                                          Diana Zakhem

                                          Director of Postsecondary and Workforce Readiness

                                          Englewood Schools


                                        Matt Kuhn

                                         Director of Information and Technology

                                         Englewood Schools




                                         Paige McDowell

                                         Advanced STEM Lab Student

                                         Englewood High School  



                                             Matt Dickstein

                                             Chief Executive Officer

                                             Creative Learning Systems



                                            Jeff Pigati

                                            Research Geologist

                                            Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center

                                            U.S. Geological Survey




                                           Chris Schreiber

                                           Systems Engineering, Manager

                                           Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company



                                           Alison Schwabe (Culpen)

                                           LEED AP O+M

                                           Sustainability Program Manager

                                           McKinstry Construction



                                           Nia Bauer


                                           Biological Sciences

                                           Arapahoe Community College



                                           Esther Worker






                                            Cindy Williams

                                            Senior Director Experiential Learning

                                            STEM Ventures



                                             Wendy Nkomo

                                            Chief Operating Officer

                                           Colorado Technology Association



                                        Tom Cech

                                        Director of the One Water One World Center

                                        Metro State University