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Englewood STEM gets the attention of the National Science Teachers Association

8th Graders Lin Alsubhi, Trianna Perry , and Shy Clanton  discuss how they plan to build a quadcopter drone of their own design.  They used Tinkercad to make a 3d design of their drone body, and a 3d printer to print out their body.  They then plan on using carbon fiber “wings” to attach the motors and rotors to their body which will hold the flight controller and battery.  


A Letter from Superintendent Rubin
Dear Englewood Schools Community,
There are many gems in Englewood Schools, and one of them is a unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program offered at Colorado's Finest High School of Choice. I had the opportunity earlier this semester to see for myself how this program is inspiring our students and engaging them in the ever-growing green energy and urban agriculture industries.
The Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy program, called SAGE, is a one-of-a-kind course in which students gain hands-on experience working on projects within the urban agriculture and sustainable energy industries. Students are raising chickens, as well as building gardens, chicken coops and compost bins - all while developing business plans and exploring careers in different industries.
Please take a moment to watch a short video on the SAGE program and our students:

SAGE Program Video

Our students' passion and excitement for the SAGE program is contagious. Each time I visit I feel their joy, and I revel at how engaged and committed they are to their projects and education. We believe offering students opportunities to explore their interests in various
careers is critical to preparing them for their futures. SAGE is a shining example 
of how this type of learning benefits students. It's a hands-on, project-based course that gives students the chance to use creativity and to think outside the box - sometimes quite literally! Students use math and science to determine how to best develop their projects. In doing so, they work together closely and collaboratively, helping to hold each other accountable and use critical thinking to solve challenges.
At Englewood Schools, students engage in STEM curriculum from kindergarten through high school. STEM continues to be a critical curriculum to equip students with 21st century skills and to expose them to some of the highest demand careers in our community. Skills learned in STEM programs such as SAGE are utilized by our students in college and throughout their lives - whether they go on to careers in related industries, such as agriculture or sustainable energy, or apply the skills in their home and personal lives.
Since launching SAGE earlier this year, area school districts have expressed interest in offering their students similar opportunities and in learning how we implemented the program. We have also received support from our community to help fund the program,
which isn't entirely covered by general school funds. Companies have donated supplies and money to help us offer these opportunities to students. This support is a testament to the important work taking place in our STEM programming.
Our students deserve the best, and we are continually seeking ways to enhance and enrich their education and offer them world class opportunities like SAGE. As part of Englewood Schools becoming a "destination district", we will continue to vie for competitive grant opportunities and programming to provide the best of the best for our kids. 

Wendy Rubin, Ed.D.
Englewood Schools

We are now a K-12 STEM District thanks to
Cherrelyn STEM Elementary

Cherrelyn STEM Elementary

We have received Board approval to move forward with our 
Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy STEM Career Pathway
(See below for a brief summary of what it might look like moving forward...)

Agriculture BoE Presentation 2-2-16

Fall 2016 Advisory Committee Meeting

2015 STEM Advisory Committee Meeting

The Design & Fabrication Lab is now open!

Englewood Design and Fabrication Lab

How will we integrate STEM and project based learning throughout our district?

The South Platte River Project


Englewood Middle School Students Finish 4th in High School Engineering Competition!!

On February 28, 2015  two pairs of Englewood Middle School students submitted bridges to the National Society of Professional Engineers Regional Bridge Building Competition held at the Bureau of Reclamation Building at the Denver Federal Center. 

The teams of Olivia Burton/Liseth Aguilar and Kaylie & Dylan Carpenter entered bridges into the high school competition. While their status as middle school students precluded their participation in the awards, the rank of their bridges was calculated at the end of the competition. 

Each bridge in the competition received an Efficiency rating based on the amount of mass it could hold divided by the mass of the bridge itself. 

Liseth and Olivias design, while not high in the efficiency rating, was applauded for it's flexibility and reached the maximum displacement measure of 25 mm without breaking.

Dylan and Kaylies innovative bridge design included mylar ribbon tensioners and placed fourth in the competition. Their bridge held over sixteen hundred times its own mass! Congratulations to both teams for being the only middle schoolers in the state to enter and for representing Englewood Middle School and the Englewood Community so admirably!

Are you ready to COMPETE?

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Students at Englewood Middle School explore the principles of robotics, computer science,
and engineering as they engage in their second project cycle in the EMS STEM Lab

Here you will find everything you need to know about what we are doing to foster a learning environment where creativity, innovation, collaboration,
and critical thinking are used by students every day to ensure that they are well equipped for post-secondary education and their career of choice.

Englewood's STEM Program Receives National Attention
(Originally published in the Back to School Issue of Scholastic Administrator.  Written by Jennifer L. W. Fink)