Welcome to my English class website!  On this site, you will find information pertaining to my classes in general, but for specific class information, we will utilize Google Classroom.  In order to view our Google Classroom site, you will need a classcode.  Each student will be give a class code in the first week of the session.  Please feel free to contact me via phone or email if you have any questions.

How to use this site:  If you are looking for information on current classes being offered go to our Google Classroom and use our classcode to login.  If you have any questions for me specifically, please use my contact information, also located in the left column.

Course Expectations:  In each of my classes, I strive to have expectations set that are fair, clear, and consistent.  All students are held to the expectations of the Three Golden Rules, as set by Colorado's Finest High School of Choice.  In addition to the Three Golden Rules, my expectations are as follows:
  1. We show up everyday, prepared to learn! (pens/pencils, previous work, positive attitude)
  2. We show up on time. (a minute late is one minute late)
  3. We only put forth our best effort. (do not waste my time or your time with anything less)
  4. We are respectful and open minded. (use respectful, academic language)
  5. We are in class and attentive during the whole hour. (no personal use electronic devices, plan your day and restroom visits around class time)

About Bob:
I am originally from the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, and graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2011.  I moved to Englewood in August of 2013 because I love everything that Colorado has to offer.  In addition to my love of reading, writing, and learning, I also enjoy the outdoors.  My favorite way to spend a day outside of the classroom is pushing my limits physically and mentally on the high quality rocks climbs of Golden, Boulder, and Estes Park.  During the summers, I work as a rock climbing guide.