TimeDock Developer Edition is a versatile developer charging dock for the Pebble Time family of smartwatches. It links a developer machine or single-board computer via USB, a SmartStrap project, and Pebble Time.

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TimeDock Developer Edition connected to Raspberry Pi via USB.

TimeDock provides a solid, reliable connection to Pebble Time while making it easy to read the display and operate the buttons. The Developer edition interchangeable charging module connects the SmartStrap interface of Pebble Time to USB with a genuine FTDI USB-to-serial chip. The third connection is a SmartStrap cable which you can connect to a SmartStrap prototype or a "desktop SmartStrap".

If you're developing a SmartStrap device, your USB-connected development computer can monitor the traffic between Pebble Time and your device, which makes it much easier to develop your communication protocol. You can also use your development computer to communicate with either the Pebble or your prototype, emulating either end of the connection. Another way to use TDDE is to connect a Pebble Time to a single-board computer via USB, as shown above.

TDDE supplies power to both Pebble Time and the SmartStrap Prototype, so you don't have to worry about loosing your battery while doing development.

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