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Filament Monitor

This is a concept and work in progress.

A filament monitor could help reduce the amount of failed prints, and prevent a lot of wasted time. The filament monitor should measure and report if the filament is feeding properly, how much filament is left, and if the filament has ended.

Filament monitor is made of 3 separate sensors.
  1. Switch to sense the presence of filament
  2. Rotation sensor to sense the motion of the filament
  3. Scale to weigh and monitor the amount of filament

Sensing filament presence
A simple switch can be used to sense the presence of filament. The filament passes by a microswitch. When filament is present, the switch is activated. When the filament runs out, the switch is deactivated, and an alert is sent.

By connecting this switch into the raspberry pi, an email or text alert could be sent indicating that the filament has run out.

Sensing filament motion
Filament motion requires a rotation sensor. The simplest rotation sensor solution could be a magnetic rotation sensor.

Measuring the amount of filament
To figure out if there is enough filament left on a spool, I always weigh the spool to calculate the amount remaining, and compare that to what the software says is required.