About Us

This web site is used to support presentations and provide educators with resources to improve learning and engage at-risk students through the use of technology

This is a non-profit web site and is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Teacher's Federation though the Teacher Leadership and Learning Program.

We have 3 years of experience on giving presentations and workshops improving education and engaging students through the use of technology and supporting literacy at conferences and at school boards. See our non-profit web sites connectingeducation.com and boysread.com for more information.

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Supporting at-risk secondary students in the areas of literacy and numeracy through the use of technology

Team Members

Roger Nevin (Leader) - Teacher-Librarian Adam Scott C.V.I. Peterborough Ontario rogernevin@engagestudents.ca

Cynthia Sargeant - English Teacher - Student Success Teacher - Adam Scott C.V.I. Peterborough Ontario cindysargeant@engagestudents.ca

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