This is a non-profit educational web site and will be used for collaboration and sharing resources to support at risk students.

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Project Summary

This project will improve learning and support at- risk students in both literacy and numeracy courses for grades 9 to 12 by supporting teachers on how to successfully integrate technology into the classroom. These current and relevant web 2.0 tools will engage and motivate at-risk students.

The project will be supported by a written guide that will include strategies, best practices, lesson plans, assessment tools and curriculum to support secondary English and math teachers of at-risk students. This project will also be supported by a web page, a blog, on-line videos - including tutorial videos and podcasts (which we will develop and create). This will ensure the project has a wide audience and is easily accessible and ideas can be shared through the blog between teachers.

This project will be based on research and best practices and is an extension of activities we already do successfully with teachers in our school board (see below), but this project specifically supports the at-risk student.

Our mandate when selecting technology resources:
  • it must improve learning
  • it must engage students
  • it must be based on best practices and research
  • it is free (if possible) and sustainable
  • we have tested it successfully
  • students can use the technology both at home and school
  • cloud solutions are preferred (entire application runs through a browser)
  • portable devices are preferred (netbooks / PDAs)
contact us at rogernevin@engagestudents.ca