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TOK (touch, organize, create) is a platform that mixes the physical and the digital experience enriching and expanding the way children learn. The platform consists of an electronic surface that identifies cards placed on it. The cards represent story elements like characters, settings and actions, or mathematical concepts such as numbers and operators. This surface is connected to a computer, when the cards are placed onto it,  it animates the stories imagined or assists on solving mathematical problems.  

TOK is being conceived to be used in the classroom or at home as a pedagogical interface with an effective educational value. Therefore it is being designed from the start with the intervention of both children and educators.

This work is funded by FEDER funds through the Operational Competitiveness Factors Program - COMPETE and by National Funds through the FCT – Portuguese Foundation for the Science and the Technology within the Project: PTDC/CPE-CED/110417/ 2009, Hybrid Learning Materials Project, and the Doctoral Grant: SFRH/BD/62531/2009.

The underlying concept of this project is the creation of innovative pedagogic materials that promote experimental, participatory and active involvement from an early age by bringing together the tradition of games and playful activities with the new interactive technological solutions. Our approach is to develop and evaluate a toolbox of Tangible Interfaces using low cost materials, such as paper and cardboard embedded with sensors.

Cristina Sylla, Sérgio Gonçalves, Paulo Brito, Pedro Branco, Nelson Zagalo, Eduarda Coquet, Clara Coutinho

alumni: Pedro Ângelo