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video from ACE 2012 kids workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal

t-words is an interface for children to playful explore sounds, words and sentences while developing pre-literate skills. The interface consists of rectangular blocks in which children can record and then play the recorded audio. Additionally children can personalize the blocks by drawing on their surface. Children and educators can engage in different literacy related activities such as building rhymes, playing with words, trying out different combinations of sentences, engaging in storytelling, composing their own music, and learning concepts of sequence. 

The flexibility of the interface allows the creation of multiple activities as it is not language conditioned nor depends on any additional software or hardware.  

   t-words was awarded the 2013 World Technology Award for the Entertainment !   

The award was announced at Time Conference Center at the World Technology Awards gala/ceremony on the evening of November 15th, at the conclusion of the two-day World Technology Summit conference held at the Time & Life Building in New York City. Check here more information on the WTN award.

left to right: Clara Coutinho, Sérgio Gonçalves, Cristina Sylla, Pedro Branco

The underlying concept of this project is the creation of innovative pedagogic materials that promote experimental, participatory and active involvement from an early age by bringing together the tradition of games and playful activities with the new interactive technological solutions. Our approach is to develop and evaluate a toolbox of Tangible Interfaces using low cost materials, such as paper and cardboard embedded with sensors.

t-words received the GOLD CREATIVE SHOWCASE AWARD during the ACE 2012 (Advances in Computer Entertainment) Conference.

Pics from the ACE 2012
Demos presentation - with Mr. Kunio Takahashi, Ambassador of Japan to Nepal

with David Levy, keynote speaker at ACE 2012

Kids Workshop at the Shree Rudrayanee School, located in the outskirts of Kathmandu 

Kids at the Ullens school, inspecting the interface

Having fun together with t-words

The shiny award

Group photo with the Kids at the Ullens school

t-words - at CHI 2013, 
CHI '13 International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Paris, France, April 27-02 May

Our boot at CHI 2013


People were curious about the functioning

Playing with sounds                                            Drawing

This work is funded by FEDER funds through the Operational Competitiveness Factors Program - COMPETE and by National Funds through the FCT – Portuguese Foundation for the Science and the Technology within the Project: PTDC/CPE-CED/110417/ 2009, Hybrid Learning Materials Project, and the Doctoral Grant: SFRH/BD/62531/2009.