Spatial Visualization Skill Development Program 

Spatial Visualization is a cognitive skill of being able to represent and manipulate 2D and 3D shapes in one’s mind. SV is correlated with high GPAs in math, engineering, and science, and is important for success in 84 careers. BUT Spatial Visualization is not a formal part of K-12 or college curriculum!

To create an engaging way to teach Spatial Visualization skills we have developed a tablet App that allows students improve their skills while working independently.

 Interacting with Objects Hand Sketching High School Students Working with App

Presentation on Spatial Visualization Project at UC San Diego

4 Minute Overview of Project

News Release

2 Minute News Release and App in Action

Jacobs School of Engineering Press Release 9/16/2013: iPad App Teaches Students Key Skill for Success in Math, Science, Engineering

Jacobs School of Engineering Pulse Article in Winter 2013/2014: App Strengthens Spatial-Visualization Skills

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The Spatial Visualization App is currently undergoing development and testing. 
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