Robot Parade

If you are interested in class, you need to apply: Application Link

CSE 42: Designing and Building Robots is apply what you learn in an introductory programming course make things happen in the real world. 

There is a $45 lab fee required for taking this course.

Working in teams, you will first learn to program Arduino-based robots. Then, teams of students will design a custom robot and program it to do their bidding. You'll also learn your way around the school of engineering's Envision Maker Studio and how to use 3D printing and other tools to complete your robot's design.

Here are some of the robots from previous quarters.

And the final 'Robot Parade' from Fall 2016.


Any student may apply, however, the course is target at freshmen.  If you have significant programming experience, the course will probably not be that interesting.

It is a 2-unit course.  It is pass-fail.

There will be two (small) homework assignment and no exams.

There are two sections, each meets once a week for 2 hours.  You must attend all the class periods.
  • Section A meets: Monday 1PM-3PM (918176)
  • Section B meets: Thursday 1PM-3PM (918177)
Sections A will start meeting October 3rd and B will start meeting on October 5th.

All the classes meet in the EnVision Maker StudioSME 303/305

Due to limited space, you will need to apply to take the class.  Here's the form. I will start allowing students into the class on TBD.  You can apply after that and, depending on available space you may still get in.

If you have questions, please contact Steven Swanson (