Enrollment in MAE154 is by instructor approval only. Enrollment Form for Fall 2015 MAE154 is active. Please complete by May 22 for full consideration.

Would you like to invent a new product or start your own company? 

In MAE154 you will develop your own product concepts along with addressing business viability. At the end of the class each team will present their products to
an outside panel, and the 3 winning teams will receive a $1,000 award to further the development of their project. These funds are provided by a grant from the Venture Well (previously NCIIA) and the UCSD Moxie Center and do not take any ownership or patent rights away from the students.

Enrollment Guidelines

  • The class is open to all majors, but preference is given to students who have prior course or project work in design and entrepreneurship.
  • Enrollment is limited to 40 students. 
  • Admission in the class is based upon instructor approval and notification of enrollment status will be sent out during the summer.