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This is our Embedded System Design (CSE237D / CSE145) project website. It is intended to help our team track the progress of our work and share it with anyone interested in what we are doing. If you like what you see here then be sure to check out the amazing research Ryan Kastner is working on.

You can find the first version of our paper at this address.

Project Overview

Our team consists of several graduate and undergraduate students from Ryan's Embedded Systems classes (CSE 237D and CSE145). Our goal is to integrate two Prosilica GC cameras into the ROS framework in order to implement stereo vision without the aid of infrared range cameras like those found in the Xbox Kinect. By the end of the quarter we hope to be able to map accurate 3D point clouds from real-time video for use on the Stingray project. As the quarter progresses the specifics of these goals may change, but at least for now this is the direction we're taking.

Related Work

The emergence of inexpensive 3D vision hardware such as the Xbox Kinect has allowed researchers and hobbyist alike to explore the world of 3D modeling and vision based odometry. Like others, researchers at MIT's Robust Robotics Group in collaboration with the University of Washington Robotics and State Estimation Lab have recently integrated an Xbox Kinect into their Quadrotor system using the ROS framework. This allows them not only to create 3D models of the UAV environment, but also to calculate real time odometry for navigation in GPS limited spaces. Read more here.

Unfortunately systems such as these rely heavily on the infrared structured cameras of the Kinect for range data and imaging. Although this works well in terrestrial settings it is severely restricted by transmission physics in underwater environments. Our goal is to augment underwater systems with as much odometry as we can given the vast restrictions of the environment.

Additional Info

Read more about ROS here.

A more detailed description as well as some related works and inspiration can be found there.

Project Members

Grad students: Nathan Manning (project leader), Julian Fessard

Undergrads: Trevor Lang, Chad Morse, Norman Wu, Maximilian Wachtveitl

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