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Aqua Design Innovations, LLC

Briefly describe your technology and its current stage of development:

Our product is an aquaponics themed filter for aquarium use. Our filter uses the controlled growth of plants such as basil or spinach to purify and remove physical and soluble chemical waste from aquarium water. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) emulate the spectrum of natural sunlight and encourages plant growth within the filter. This creates a self sustaining ecosystem within an aquarium.

We have a 3rd generation prototype and are evaluating our licensing and manufacturing options.

What commercial applications do you envision for this technology?

The aquaponics filter will be used on traditional freshwater aquariums. According to the American Pet Products Association, there are approximately 12 million households with one or more aquariums. ADI’s specific target markets for this product are mothers who are interested in cooking, gardening, or educating their children in the science of an ecosystem. The aquarium industry is rapidly growing at about 2% per year in addition to a rapidly growing, potential $3 billion market in traditional home gardening, hydroponics and aquaponics.

We create value for gardeners, aquarists, home cooks, grocery shoppers, the environmentally conscious, as well as parents who desire to educate their children about sustainability. New aquarium hobbyists and health conscious women comprise our most important customers.

The same filtration technology can also be implemented on larger systems such as city sewers. Cities that experience good weather for agriculture in the United States are able to use similar natural filtration methods on their sewage system. With our aquaponic filtration technology, even cities that experience poor weather would be able to use natural filtration for their sewage system.


Who are your competitors and why is your technology better?

Our competitors are companies in the domain of aquariums and aquarium accessories, such as Hagen and Eheim GmbH and Co. Current competitive filter models lack new technological design. The most well-known and often used filter on the market (Hagen Aquaclear) has used the same design for over 30 years. These traditional filters lack effective fish waste removal and require constant maintenance. The aquaponic filter integrates the established farming method of aquaponics: the use natural plants to filter the water and directly convert waste into energy for growth. Additionally, the aquaponics filter uses the newest technologies in the horticulture industry such as the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) that emit specific spectrums for photosynthesis. The aquaponics  filter is also designed to be aesthetically pleasing, unlike current filter models. Although there are many filter models in the market, there is none like ours.


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