Current Teams

Aqua Design Innovations, LLC
New aquaponics filter.

Audograph (prev. Call Meh)
A novel method to videoconferencing.

A next-generation baby monitor. 

Advertisement tracking system.

Food safety detector.

Mobile phone app that allows users to donate to the charity of their choice by rounding up their purchase on a registered credit card.

Hush SmartPlugs reimagines the sleeping experience by offering extensive control over the surrounding environment.

LumiCloud - Light System
Integrating the crowd at an electronic music event.

Meego (prev. USKey)
Motion-activated alarm to deter laptop theft in public spaces.

A smart mirror.

Mobile app. 

Social networking mobile app.

Biofiltration system.

Bringing social media to real life. 

Customizable electric vehicles for students and urban commuters.

Mobile app. connecting college students with their classmates. 

E-Commerce platform for small to medium size businesses. 

Device geared for athletes and coaches to help keep results and analysis on a variety of training exercises. 

Web service that allows students to easily form study groups.

Tri D Dynamics
3D-printed rocket engine.

Converting sewage into electricity and other discarded materials (like kitchen waste) into biofuel and biochar.

We are developing a better Medical Alert System that detects emergencies based off of vital signals.