MAE3 Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Design

CAD Animation  Video of Robot In Action

MAE 3 covers both engineering graphics and introduction to machine design. Topics include:
  • Hand Sketching
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD): AutoCAD for 2D and Inventor for 3D.
  • Rapid Prototyping with a Laser Cutter.
  • Use of basic shop tools: drilling, tapping, reaming, press fits, ...
  • Creativity and Concept Generation.
  • Machine Design fundamentals: bearings, gear ratios, power transmission, ...
  • Teamwork, Project Management, and Risk Reduction.
  • Applying physics to analysis of machine design.
  • Oral Presentations and Written Reports.
In the first 3 weeks students work individually to build and analyze a pendulum clock. In the remaining 7 weeks, students work in team of 3-4 to design and construct a robot that will compete against the robots of their peers in a contest at the end of the quarter.

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