Team 18 - W.H.O.

MAE 3 Go Fall 2016

Robot Contest Description

Team 18 - W.H.O.

Kevin Tsao
Alexis Velazquez Olivera
John-Paul Pascua
Goutham Marimuthu

Our robot is composed of two bodies (two robots): the scoring robot is a ground assembly composed of sheet metal and 3D printed parts. The base and the overlying row of sheet metal above is used to load the balls by sliding under each row. The robot is then driven backwards and a lever arm mechanism will lower the back ramp and allow the balls to fall into the scoring area.

The rail assembly, otherwise known as the Murderbot 5000, is a rail-based robot powered by a dual friction drive that has a modular weapons system that is capable of pushing and obstructing opponents of various designs. The primary weapon is a spring-loaded wall that can act either as a giant push plate or be dropped via a simple motorized release mechanism to completely block all the opponent's balls. Secondary weapons include a weighted block and fixed claw attachment for specialized situations that utilize the same slider design and release mechanism to defeat the other team.

As a team we want to thank our instructors, professors Nate Delson and Michael Tolley, design studio manager Chris Cassidy, lead teaching assistant Daniel Yang , lead tutor Nathaniel Liu, and our direct tutor Robbie Corpuz, just to name a few. Our gratitude also extends to the design studio assistants, the CAD/3D printer tutor, and all of the other section tutors who helped us throughout this process. We all came in with different levels of experience and now feel much more confident in our abilities to use computer aided design programs, manufacturing our designs, and working as a team. As time comes we will continue to progress and sharpen the skills that we have acquired and already improved in this class and as a team. Thank you.
Team 18 - W. H. O. 

Images of Robot (Manufactured and with CAD)Videos/Animations of Robot In Action (Manufactured and with CAD)

Cart Run

Friction Drive Run

Cart Animation

Friction Drive Animation

Competition VideosAdditional Videos Can Be Found through the MAE3 Class

Match 1: W.H.O. vs. C.T.A.T.

Match 4: W.H.O. vs. Zubot

Match 5: W.H.O. vs. SFTB ‎‎(Part 2)‎‎

Match 7: W.H.O. vs. SFTB


Match 3: W.H.O. vs. Phanphy

Match 5: W.H.O. vs. SFTB ‎(Part 1)‎

Match 6: W.H.O. vs. Optimus Primos

Match 8 (Final): W.H.O. vs. Optimus Primos


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Team 18