MAE 3 Robot Contest

Fall 2012

Planet of the Apes Robot Contest

See Movie Clip for example of innovative apes in action (image from

Contest Description

You have been trapped with your brethren monkeys in jail! But due to biological testing and advanced intelligence you have been able to replicate the jail layout in your cell. You have a chance to design a robot that will bring you and your brethren to freedom, and be designated the top ape! Carefully study the jail layout below.  The jail is built with metal bars, but the foolish humans have left the top open. What the monkeys desire the most is to return to their native habitat of the trees

Contest Playing Field

See Complete Contest Description for more details.

Robot Contest Results from December 12, 2012

Winning Team


High Quality Presentation Award

High Quality Animation Awards

High Quality Design Feature Awards
Dual Motor Lifting Arm - Sandwich Meisters (Team 20)
Planetary Gearbox - Last Three Standing (Team 3)

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