MAE 210A: Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2016

Instructor: Sergei Krasheninnikov <>
Office: 474 EBU II; Phone: 822-3476; Office Hrs: Tuesday 5 pm-6 pm

LECTURE SCHEDULE: CSB 002, Tu. Th., 3.30 pm-4.50 pm

T. A.: Natalia Syulyukina <>

Office Hrs.: Wed. 10-11 am, Room: EBU II 270

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: See class website (no grading). All problems from the book are posted on the website.

EXAMINATION: Two closed-book, no-notes mid term exams (on Oct. 18 and Nov. 15) and closed-book, no-notes comprehensive final examination (Dec. 5). All exams are based on the homework assignments.

GRADING POLICY: mid term exams 2x30%, and final exam 40%.

ACADEMIC POLICY: Students are encouraged to discuss course topics and homework problems with each other. However each student must submit his or her own work on exams. Refer to Student Link website: UCSD Policy on Integrity of Scholarship.

LECTURE SCHEDULE: CSB 002, Tu. Th., 3.30 pm-4.50 pm

TEXT: Chapters 1-5 from P. K. Kundu, I. M. Cohen, and D. R. Dowling, “Fluid Mechanics”, 6th Edition, Elsrvier, ISNB- 978-0-12-1405935-1

You can download this book by chapters via Geisel library website (Restricted to UCSD IP address):