MAE156 Sponsor Information



    In order to provide a real-world design experience in an educational environment, the UCSD Mechanical Engineering capstone design course solicits projects from industry, research, and the community. Teams of 3-6 students are given an open-ended design problem, and at the end of the 15 week design period, deliver a working prototype to the sponsor. Project topics can be interdisciplinary and have included electromechanical, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and computer control. High levels of student motivation and creativity have lead to award winning design solutions that have been adapted by the sponsoring companies as part of their products or manufacturing processes. One can browse examples of prior projects to get a sense of the scope of the projects..

    The cost of sponsoring a project covers materials and shop expenses. Typical overall budgets range from $2,000 to $10,000. Students elect to work on industry projects, and assign patents rights to the sponsoring company. Complete project guidelines and other information is available by emailing Projects are initiated twice a year. 

Instructions and Deadlines for submitting project proposals

Fall-Winter projects
Winter-Spring projects

Quotes from Prior project sponsors

"This is the second time participating in this course and it has been a pleasure working with the students. The prototypes they have built in a short time are very effective in moving the device to the next level of development. The first device is currently being modified by a company. I am even more hopeful the second project will be too." Dr. Jae H. Kim, UCSD Medical Center


"Really an enjoyable experience- Both we and the students learned a

lot! I very much want to participate again as a sponsor for another

project. "  Dr. Virgil Woods, UCSD


"Overall the team came up with an extremely clever design concept with

several intriguing features" Kraig Willett, Bike Tech Review


"I am amazed at the projects and would very much like to participate

again.  I wish we had this kind of program when I was in school."  Juan

Belon, Kodak


Instructors and Contact Information

Course instructors meet with the teams on a weekly basis and mentor students through the design process. We will be happy to work with you to define a project that is both feasible and provides opportunities for student creativity, while meeting the design objectives of the project sponsor.  To propose a project or for additional information please contact:


Nathan Delson, Ph.D.

Director, Mechanical Engineering Design Center    

Voice: (858) 534-0655



Jerry Tustaniwskyj, Ph.D.

Voice: (949) 533-3305 (cell)