MAE Rapid Prototyping Resource Center

We have a material laser cutter and multiple types of 3D printers for various applications of Rapid Prototyping. Each 3D printer has different types of materials, resolutions, and colors that they can work with.

Lasercamm 2410
The Lasercamm can laser cut various types of plastic
sheets. In acrylic it can cut up to 2' x 4' x 1/2"
The Connex3 can 3D print a variety of different
plastic materials at once. It can print materials
that are both rigid and flexible. It has a support material that can be washed from the parts
using a power washer.
Projet 3510 HD
The Projet 3510 HD prints 3D parts in acrylic plastic with sharp detail. It has a wax support that can be melted from the part in an oven.
Dimension sst1200es
The Dimension sst1200es can 3D print parts in different colors of ABS plastic and has a dissolvable support
MakerBot Replicator
The MakerBot Replicator can 3D print parts in
different colors of PLA plastic and has a break
way support made of PLA plastic.
 *** NEW *** MarkerBot Method *** NEW ***
The MarkerBot Method prints in Tough PLA and has a water dissolvable PVA support material. Because they have a heated print chamber there's little or no part warpage.