What is the Design Studio:
Design: The Design Studio supports various MAE Undergraduate Design classes MAE3, MAE156A, and MAE156B.
Fabrication: The Design Studio is equipped with two rapid prototyping Lasercamm machines and Various 3D Printers. Also there are general shop tools and equipment for cutting, drilling, and tapping of plastic and aluminum.
Materials: The Design Studio dose NOT sell materials. Some materials can be bought at the Campus Research Machine Shop (CMRS) 858-534-4976.

Access & Policies:
Location: Engineering Building II (EBUII), Room 315.
General Hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM, Closed for Lunch ~12-1.
Access: MAE Students, Staff, and Faculty that have had the Design Studio general introduction on safety and equipment operation.
Policies: Safety, Safety, and more Safety. Everyone must wear safety glasses when they come into the Design Studio and follow general laboratory safety practices.
The Design Studio's safety guidelines are posted in the Design Studio and UCSD's safety information is located at University of California, San Diego Environment, Health & Safety Office

Contact Information:

Christopher Cassidy
Development Engineer
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