MAE101A: Introductory Fluid Mechanics, Fall 2017

INSTRUCTOR: Sergei Krasheninnikov <skrash@mae.ucsd.edu>

Office: 474 EBU II; Phone: 822-3476; Office Hrs: Tuesday 5 pm-6 pm

T.A.: Huan Yu <huy015@ucsd.edu>

Office Hrs.: Tuesday 8 am-9 am, 2101 EBU I, prefer email notice of intention to come before Monday night.

TEXT: Chapters 1-7 from B. R. Manson, T. H. Okiishi, W. W. Heubsch, and A. P.

Rothmayer, “Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics”, 8th Edition, J. Willey & Sons, Inc., ISNB-


EXAMINATION: Two closed-book, no-notes mid term exams (on Oct. 24 and Nov. 21) and

closed-book, no-notes comprehensive final examination (Dec. 13). All exams are based on

the homework assignments.

GRADING POLICY: mid term exams 2x30%, and final exam 40%.

LECTURE SCHEDULE: WLH 2204, Tu. Th., 11 am-12.20 pm

PROBLEM SOLUTION SESSION: WLH 2204, W., 2 pm-2.50 pm